Hey, I’m Syd!

Nice to meet ya ;)

My name is Sydonne (Syd-oh-knee), but a lot of people call me Syd! I'm a photographer based in Georgia but willing to travel anywhere!!

I first formed a love for photography when I was in grade school and used to buy disposable cameras for trips. Not being able to see the photo I captured until I developed the film, held a raw, creative beauty for me. Usually, the photos came out a little imperfect, rich and blurry (filled with motion and life) or faded and grainy — a look which definitely informs my editing style today.

As I began to pick up photography as more than just a hobby, I realized the amazing quality of a photograph to reflect authentic emotion and beauty.

When I work with you, I want to capture those authentic moments. Let your hair fall in your face, laugh unashamedly. You honestly don't even need to look at the camera. Who are you, what are your passions, and how can we reflect this on camera?

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I want to be your friend and gain a genuine sense of who you are.

I have made so many friends through photography and have been so genuinely inspired by the souls I have photographed. Getting to know each person and their souls is such a gift. Whether you are camera shy and awkward, bold and confident, or a little bit of both (like myself), let's work together to try to capture the important moments in your life, beautiful and imperfect.

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Fun Facts About Me

-During your photoshoot I become your personal hype-man: Usually exhibited through phrases like "Ooo, i see you." "Okay queen." and "Wait, why was that so gorgeous???"

-I have watched stranger things 3x all the way through.

-I have a Cockapoo named Patch who is the sweetest lil' nugget.

-Grrrl Power all the way since 1997.

-I have a compulsive need to pet strangers' dogs.

-I make the sassiest facial expressions known to man, ask anyone.

-I can eat an entire bag of chips and avocado dip in one sitting (don't let my skinniness fool you) Barberitos all day, Er'Day, Amirite?!

-I sleep with a fan on, just for the hum.